Remnants of What Was

by They Mostly Come Out At Night

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Debut Full Length released posthumously.


released August 11, 2017

Preston Porter - Guitar
Jared Ramsey - Guitar
Zak Pitts - Guitar
Matt Owen - Vocals, Lyrics
Garry Brents - Bass, Backing Vocals
Blake Turner - Cello
Ricky Rivera - Drums

All songs written by TMCOAN and recorded/engineered by Garry Brents.



all rights reserved


They Mostly Come Out At Night Arlington, Texas

7-Piece post-rock/atmospheric sludge band from Arlington, TX.

Originally formed in 2008.

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Track Name: Prelude
In hazy shadows, I can still see what was. In this dreamlike state, I recall what was lost, I pray to never wake up, traveling among scorched earth and decomposing structures, monuments to our arrogance, pre-cursors
to our self destruction (our self destruction).
Track Name: Desolation and Isolation in a Decomposing World
Am I the only one left? A struggle for survival in this barren land but I will not resign to death. Atop this plateau I search for signs of life, a sight I haven't seen in months since the implosion of our kind has left us with nothing. I stand on the edge of this cliff; the darkened abyss below calls my name.
Track Name: Fire Glows, Bloodlust Grows
I see a light in the distance and a billow of smoke -- human life. I descend down this mountain, where that fire burns will mark his grave. I can almost taste his blood; I can almost smell his burning flesh; I can almost hear his agonized scream; I will rip from him what was and will make mine. My mistrust in mankind only propagates my thirst for blood.
Track Name: Remnants of What Was Will Be Erased
Remnants of what was will be erased. I will be the sole survivor. This other human life will only bring me pain and his arrogance from what was still remains.

It won't be long now. I watch from afar. I approach and ready my weapon; I've deployed my net. I strike forth with fury. He has fled but I follow in hot pursuit. I hear him stumble in the distance. I descend upon him as he lays broken. I have bludgeoned him, I have bludgeoned him unconscious.
Track Name: Eradication of His Existence
I drag him back to his fire, adrenaline pours through my veins. I rummage through his belonging, pictures from long ago; he had a family like I once had, but this world has changed us all. Now I only want to disembowel. It won't appease me if he sleeps; I will watch for his agonized cries; I will wait until he comes. Bring me safety. I stare at him with blood in my eyes. I wait always. I will proceed to eradicate his existence.
Track Name: Epilogue
After 6 hours I see him finally awake; I salivate with my vicious thoughts. He starts to scream when he see he is bound, tied to a post, kindling at his feet. I've been preparing for hours. I approach the already broken man, it's
now my turn. Agonized screams emerge. I take my torch and set ablaze. I will watch as life to turns to death. Spread my body in his ashes, I will paint my face with his blood. With every life I take I feel reborn, return to my despair, a sickness in my mind.